Our Core Values


At TOMCL we believe in honesty as being the key to success. We act honestly, truthfully & fairly with our consumers, suppliers, employees & all stakeholders in order to attain clean and healthy working environment based on inspiration for growth with truthfulness.


We believe that our customers, employees and stakeholders trust us by doing business with us or for us. We value their trust the most and we aim to be trustworthy.

Ideal Customer Satisfaction

TOMCL is a consumer-oriented organization, valuing customer the most. We are committed to delivering the best to customers in order to fulfill their expectations for healthy and tender meat at the best prices


We mature & authorize our people to work as true contributors to the process as a strong unified team in an open, informal and disciplined environment.


We act as a responsible citizen, protecting the environment and contributing to the community in order to develop the society into better place for sustainable living for our future generations.