Our Strategic Objectives

The Organic Meat Company Limited is clear and much focused for the objectives it was founded for which primarily includes the commercial side. Along with the commercial reasons for the establishment, TOMCL believes firmly to execute and upheld the following objectives as well:

Compliance with Regulatory and Legal Requirements

TOMCL shall assure ethical operations in all spheres of business and thorough systems along with execution from the top management shall be sturdy to visualize this objective in realty.

Human Resource Development

Special and well-designed systems for Human Resource skill development and increased employee engagement for an effective and motivated working team

Sustainable Supply Of Raw Material

Beef and Mutton Livestock is the major component of the raw material at TOMCL and strong system at TOMCL shall result in sustainable raw material supply to achieve the revenue targets. Thus, optimizing and ensuring efficient supply chain and pursue long term supply arrangements remains the one of the top most strategic objectives of the company.

HSE Compliant

Effective steps at all levels and processes shall be taken to ensure full compliance for health, safety and Environment aspects.

Increase Market Leadership

It shall be ensured and executed to increase market leadership and strategize measures to improve the bottom line.

Explore Opportunities for Growth

Continue to create upstream synergy and evaluate diversification of opportunities for growth. Active corporate citizenship Focus on responsible corporate citizenship with active CSR initiatives in health, education, community development and support for special persons