Revolutionizing Pakistan’s meat sector – with
fresh and tender meat – since 2010.

                        The Organic Meat Company Ltd. is a world-class meat producer satisfying all the international standards of hygiene and agricultural produce practices.

                        Our processing plant based in Karachi, Pakistan, possesses various facilities to provide tender, fresh, and healthy meat to our valued customers globally.

                        Our motto is: “We Produce The Best”.



Healthy and Sustainable


Healthy and Sustainable

We are committed to manage health, safety and environmental (HSE) matters as an integral part of our agriculture business which includes farmers, livestock management, employees, customers, business partners, contractors and the community at large.

Safe and Hygienic

We believe that the top-most priority should be given to meat produce safety and the Halal meat values. To this end we have crafted an extensive meat produce safety policy and ensure all agricultural business decisions be made in accordance with it.


Fresh and Tender

We research for the right markets for the procurement of our animals. Ensure their comfortable transport, conduct quality checks on delivery, and allow ample fodder, rest and fattening time with the most healthy animal feed before slaughtering and producing meat to allow for the least stress and shock, and the most tender meat.


CEO Interview

“A produce that is considered useless in Pakistan, but we’ve been using it to earn foreign exchange for the country,” says Faisal Hussain, CEO of The Organic Meat Company Limited, reflecting on the huge market opportunity for animal by-produce.