Company Profile

The Organic Meat Company Limited is a public limited company listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and was registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (now the Companies Act, 2017). The Organic Meat Company Limited is a Public Interest Company as defined in the Third Schedule to the Companies Act, 2017.

Experts in the conventional norms of meat produce, we at the Organic Meat Company Limited are one of the very few meat producing facilities in South Asia that specializes in beef, mutton and edible offal of the healthiest, grass fed and free range animals from the green agricultural lands of Pakistan. Owning the largest animal fattening farm in Pakistan we are certified and audited by various international meat safety and veterinary authorities on a regular basis. The outstanding meat produce facility, tremendous capacity, and good meat producing policies at The Organic Meat Company Limited ensures tender, tasty and safe meat and offal.

The Organic Meat Company Limited, also referred to as TOMCL, caters to various markets all over Asia. Possessing export permits to export to more than 15 countries around the world, TOMCL enjoys being the pioneer of various innovations and achievements in the Pakistani meat produce market. Apart from being the first company in Pakistan to export fresh, frozen, boneless beef meat to Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, TOMCL is also the first company from Pakistan to initiate the export of vacuum packed fresh beef. We are the only company in the region owning the technology to vacuum pack or blast freeze mutton and quarter beef carcasses. As a result of high-quality standards as well as innovation and hygiene, maintained by the Company, TOMCL was also granted export permissions from Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, the CIS States, Oman, Qatar, Maldives and Bahrain. This is the largest market access for any halal meat producer in Pakistan.

However, the company has a vision. We do not want to rest on our laurels and want to continue achieving milestones, pushing TOMCL to be a continuous outstanding example of the Pakistani livestock agriculture sector. From a family business to the largest meat exporter and producer in Pakistan, we stand dedicated to serve the desires of our customers and try to exceed their expectations.

Technical Capabilities

TOMCL has a state-of-the-art facility that includes a high-tech slaughtering facility for beef, mutton, and offal in order to achieve the optimum correlation between technological advancement and production efficiency. It is ensured that we procure only healthy and well-bred animals, from disease-free zones of Pakistan, which meet international veterinary and premium quality standards. We receive regular updates of any epidemic outbreaks as monitored by the Veterinary department at the company.

The cold chain line at TOMCL, one of the largest in Pakistan’s meat producing sector, consists of chillers, freezers, and blast freezers. The chillers and freezers are used to keep meat at 2° to 7°C and -18°C respectively in order to export chilled and freshly frozen meat anywhere in the world. Blast freezers are used to bring meat temperature down to -36°C which helps in extending its life from 21 to 365 days. TOMCL is the pioneer of exporting chilled meat via maritime transport, rather than by air, to various gulf-states in order to bring down the cost for customers.