Health and Safety Executive


Safety for all our stake holders (our investors, employees, customers, and suppliers) is our top priority – we believe that all accidents are preventable. We also have goals for a cleaner, greener, and healthier Pakistan. Moreover, at TOMCL we believe that to make a difference today, we must provide a safe environment, in order to have a secure tomorrow.


The Organic Meat Company Limited is committed to manage health, safety and environmental (HSE) matters as an integral part of the business which includes employees, customers, business partners, contractors and the community at large. To assure the HSE integrity of our processes and facilities we will continue to strive for improvement by implementing and adhering to the following principles:

ComplianceWe ensure that our stakeholders shall observe all applicable laws, guidelines and standards along with implementing programs and procedures designed by TOMCL, in order to progress from good to great.
PreventionAt TOMCL, we aim to further improve our management systems with the intent to prevent actions and/or circumstances that jeopardize human health and safety, and strive to curtail the impact of our business operations on the environment.
CommunicationOur pledge and vision shall be communicated to our employees, contractors and customers at all times in order to seek their full cooperation in meeting our HSE goals.
Continuous ImprovementSeeking opportunities to endlessly improve the efficacy of our HSE levels by not only planning and performing, but also by classifying, assessing and managing hazards, impacts and risks from our activities and services. Furthermore, identifying areas for improvement through comprehensive HSE audits and effective analysis of near failures or incident reporting systems.